Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unrelated musings

He's coming for you.

I.  Crybaby

There are currently five things that I know of that consistently make Little Bug cry:

  • My cough.  This one is most potent at night; if he's asleep, no matter how deeply, my cough almost always wakes him up crying.  During the day, he only cries when I cough if he's in need of a nap.
  • The vacuum cleaner.  Well, if I'm wearing Little Bug, he'll usually fall asleep by the time I'm done with the apartment.  If I'm not wearing him, the vacuum makes him cry.
  • A certain friend's laugh.  It took us awhile to pinpoint this, but my friend and I eventually figured out that something about her laugh seems to startle him, and he cries.  When this happens, I work hard not to laugh at him.
  • Packing tape.  When I'm using clear plastic packing tape for any reason, the sound of it usually makes Little Bug cry.
  • A certain friend (of Little Bug's) cries.  For some reason, when this one friend of his cries, Little Bug's empathy kicks in and he starts crying too.  But only for this one friend.  Other babies cry, and he totally doesn't care.

II.  Unmentionables

Sometimes, I get tempted to start another blog.  But an anonymous blog, one that no one would know was written by me.  Then I could write about pretty much anything.

You see, there are a few topics that I would very much like to blog about, but for whatever reason I just can't.  Like the family member/friend/random acquaintance/etc. who makes me frustrated/pissed off/etc. and I want to talk about here, but I'm afraid they'll see it and think I don't like them or are talking behind their back when really all I want to do is VENT because I can't actually change things and it doesn't mean I don't otherwise like the person in question I'm just VENTING.  Or various topics related to babies or parenting that I have strong views on but my strong views don't necessarily agree with the societal norm and I don't want to talk about it here because my family/in-laws/friends don't even know I do/don't and I simply am not prepared to open that can of worms yet with them even though for some reason I'd otherwise be okay with discussing my views with strangers I don't know.

Yeah.  That sort of thing.  Maybe some day I'll become brave enough to blog about some of those things openly.  Maybe someday, but not today.

III.  Telemarketers

Today, I received a call from some sort of telemarketer who asked for "the person who owns this number."  I was silent for a moment, and then asked if she had a name.  She said no, just the number.  I asked what she wanted (without providing my name), and she started off into a speech, providing me a company name (financial something or other) and saying they had collected numbers "from my area," at which point I interrupted and asked where she thought I lived.  (Because my area code totally doesn't match my current location... one of the joys of being a Navy wife, I suppose.)  She couldn't tell me, which means she probably didn't know.  I interrupted again and said I was not interested in whatever she was selling.  She said she wasn't "selling" anything, and requested that I listen to what she had to say before saying I wasn't interested.  I interrupted again and asked to be put on their "do not call" list.  I listened long enough to hear her say she would, and then I hung up.

Ugh.  Telemarketers get worse all the time, and that's two minutes lost forever, wasted on a BS call with someone who didn't even have my name, just my phone number.  How irritating.


  1. Hey, I thought I commented on this! Who is the baby that he cries with? -Lauren & M

    Ohhhh, I had to type a safety code! (smacks forehead)

    1. Well, it's not yours; your baby cried through a good chunk of our walk the other day, and Little Bug was not particularly concerned. It's the baby of another military friend of mine, one who isn't part of the meetup group. It's pretty funny, actually, and really hard not to laugh!

  2. I just read this. I am so with you on point II. I wanted to vent tonight! Was considering doing it on our group space. If it is a "secret" group does anyone else see the postings? I wonder....

  3. I think going together on an anonymous blog would be hilarious. People might get very confused at the varying ranting opinsions. :-)

  4. I. Those are such cute instances to make him cry! I remember my little brother would just pass out if we turned the vacuum on. He loved it. My mwife apprentice said one of her boys would NOT sleep unless it was on, they would literally park it next to the crib or whatever and run it.. they wore out a few this way. (I thought she was joking when she told me this then I learned she was NOT joking!)

    II. I think an anonymous blog is a great idea. There are a few things I've yearned to say, but didn't dare.

    II (b). ihaveapencil That is the best idea in the solarverse!

    III. Telemarketers are super annoying, and as much as I hate them and love messing with them, I would also hate to have their job.