Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ten Things for 2013

Pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels weird typing "2013."  It's hard to believe that it's a new year already; didn't the last one just start?

Anyway, stealing an idea from the wondrous Mrs. H here; last year, she posted a list of twelve specific things she wanted to accomplish in 2012.  I'm not quite that ambitious, so I'm only going with ten things for this year.

Little Bug's first time at the top of Cowles Mountain in San Diego.

So, without further ado:

Ten New Things for 2013

1.  Blog more.  I know, I know, I've been terribly neglectful of my little blog here.  But that's about to change!  Well, maybe.  Clearly, the Internet needs more of my opinions.  So I'm going to try to post something once a week, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up too high.

2.  Exercise more.  I used to be a total fitness nerd, but for the past eleven months I've been using Little Bug for a convenient excuse not to.  Don't get me wrong here; running around after a baby means I rarely stop moving, and we go for a walk of some sort pretty much every day, but I've decided it's time to get in better shape again.  That picture above of us at the top of San Diego's tallest "mountain?"  I was pathetically winded the entire hike.  Time to change that.  (And I won't lie; I want to look good for my honey when he gets home from deployment!)  So, inspired by a recent post by Mama Birth, here are my rules:  at least 20 minutes per day, six days per week, Sundays are free.  If all I do is walk, it must be at least 30 minutes.  And walks totally don't count if they involve Starbucks.  Ideally, I will be doing more strenuous things than walking (hiking, weight training), but so long as I'm active, then I'm happy.

3.  Create "In Case of Emergency" binder.  Stealing this idea from my friend Noël, shared on one of her many lovely blogs.  It's hard to go against the conventional wisdom of DON'T EVER WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORDS EVER OR THEY'LL GET STOLEN AND THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY, but it's harder to argue with her logic of keeping control of your own information.  So this year, hopefully sooner rather than later, I'm going to create an "In Case of Emergency" binder and then buy a bigger fireproof safe to store it in (since my current safe is entirely too small to store anything useful in).  Go read her post if you want more details on this wonderful idea.

4.  Make some of my own "beauty" products.  Any by that, I really mean just things like body wash and face wash.  I recently picked up (figuratively speaking) a copy of the new ebook DIY Organic Beauty Recipes, written by Heather Dessinger of The Mommypotamus.  I've perused it a little, and I'm especially interested in making some new baby wash for Little Bug and dabbling in things like tooth powder.

5.  Start Little Bug's baby scrapbook.  That's right, he's coming up on his first birthday and I haven't started any kind of baby book for him yet.  (This may qualify me as a "bad" mommy by some standards.)  My intention has been to create a scrapbook for him covering at least the first ten years of his life, full of mostly pictures because I'm not sentimental enough to add things like locks of hair.  Time to go on Shutterfly and create some scrapbook pages and get this party started.

Little Bug is always trying new things.

6.  Knit a few pairs of baby socks.  I haven't completed a single knitting project since Little Bug was born.  Honestly, while I miss knitting sometimes, it's kind of at the bottom of my priority list of things to do during nap time.  So I'm thinking that I'll try to get back into the swing of things with small projects.  Thus, my aspiration to knit some baby socks.  Little projects = sense of accomplishment.  Plus, I LOVE HIS FEET!  The only way they could possibly be cuter would be if they were clad in homemade socks.

7.  Make jelly.  Late last summer, a good friend and I dabbled in learning how to can stuff; we made jams and pumpkin butter and had all kinds of fun, and I have a small stockpile of interesting things in my cupboard that I refuse to open until D returns home from deployment.  My primary resource is the book Food in Jars by Marisa McClellan.  Next on my list of recipes to try: jelly.  There are a couple of jelly recipes that start with juice of some sort, which is always accessible.

8.  Renovate my personal file system.  Inspired by Mrs. H's goal to organize her finances, I've decided my paper filing system needs an overhaul.  I frequently pull documents to shred (I keep everything for thirteen months, except tax-related documents which are retained for five years), but so much has changed in the last few years that my folders are kind of in shambles.  I have folders for things I no longer have, extra folders crammed into places where they don't really belong, and a need to create new folders for some things life has recently thrown our way.  I will purge documents and folders, relabel things, and reorganize until I'm happy with my "important papers" box again.

9.  Participate in Vegan MoFo.  Once upon a time, I dreamed of starting a blog purely so that I could participate in the Vegan Month of Food.  Well, I have a blog, so this year I will finally do it.  What is Vegan MoFo?  As the website says, "The idea is to write as much as you can all month, about vegan food."  Goodness knows I'm not actually completely vegan (and I probably never will be), but I do eat vegan a lot.  So this October, it's on!

10.  Participate in NaNoWriMo.  I've tried to get myself to write during National Novel Writing Month twice in the past two years, but never lasted longer than a few days.  If you've never heard of NaNoWriMo before, the idea is to write an entire novel during the thirty days of November, at least 50,000 words in length.  I shall try again this year, and hopefully I shall be victorious!


  1. Wow, I made your blog!

    It sounds like a great list. I think I'll make one . . .

    1. You make it sound like some grand accomplishment! :P Make one, and post on yours! Always love seeing the ideas of others!

  2. 1. Clearly the internet DOES need more of your opinions!!!! I love hearing your thoughts ... always so sage ... and always so well-written!
    2. Oooo I so hear you on this one! We walk every day as well, but I don't think it really counts! After Mr H leaves in a few days here, my friend and I will be tag teaming each other for yoga classes (we each have little boys!).
    3. Emergency folder is a great idea! Dave Ramsey has what he calls the "if I die" drawer (although I suppose it is more realistic to call it the "when I die" drawer!).
    4. I love this idea! I made a face wash once which I LOVED, and my friend made a hair tonic I want to make for myself!! So many opportunities .. and I love when my homemade beauty products are edible! Ha!
    5. Umm ..guilty as charged .... I have all the pieces, and even printed photos :D soo ....
    6. Must learn baby socks!! Although I am learning to crochet, not knit, it's more or less the same thing! Currently working on: a dish rag. ha. Square, easy, and it's ok if it looks funny. (But I dropped my hook on the plane, so I need to get a new one so I can continue!)
    7. I never thought about directly using juice to make jelly, that is genius!! I always puree the fruit;strain from a jelly bag which is fine, but sometimes it is a lot of work and I generally don't make jelly because I feel like it wastes so much fruit pulp (after straining it is so dry it is useless). But, I LOVE jelly. But, I LOATHE store jelly! So ... getting juice for jelly? Brilliant .. I was drooling over her book in Barnes & Noble yesterday but I am going to see if I can obtain one for review after I finish up my current stack!
    8. Obviously I feel the same, hehe!!! Our filing drawer (it's a plastic box for hanging file folders) is nice and small, just exactly the right size to hold a years' worth ... so it is motivating to keep it empty! All our back taxes (we only have 3 years' worth so far) are in a cardboard box in my moms' shed!
    9. I've never heard of that, and I love it!!!
    10. I started doing it last Nov. too, but Mr H deployed, a friend came into town for half the month, I went to DC and Wmburg a few times, baby was there ... it didn't get very far!!

    1. I've never made jelly before, only jam a few times, so... we'll see how that goes. If you get a chance to obtain her book, I highly recommend it! There are so many recipes in there I want to try, and everything I've made so far has been amazing.

      Our filing "drawer" is the same: a plastic filing box from staples or office depot or some similar office store. The last major overhaul I did was a few years before I moved to Illinois, so it's time.

      You crochet now? How fun! Baby socks should be quick and easy, and there are so many free patterns online.

    2. I don't crochet like you knit - I crochet like, a holey washcloth. We're working on it!!

      And I think I WILL obtain her book!!